“Thank you all of you, who with your attendance,
messages, comments and contacts have made this year possible."
We hope to count with your ongoing support and warmth
to continue with this wonderful project of inspiring
and promoting dreams”.
Ana Pardo, President of the 16 de 24 Foundation.

16 de 24en


Days are only 24 hours long. We sleep and dream 8 hours and then there are still… 16 hours left.

We would like to help youth and women to find and develop their talents, encourage their interest in learning and promote their compromise with philanthropy and the educational rounding that is required to sustain the principles and values of our social responsibility.


16 de 24 Foundation is a non-profit organization with no political affiliation. Our goal is to increase the contribution of youth and women to our economic, cultural and social network, by encouraging the thirst for knowledge, the education in human values and providing a space from which to address the challenges of our time.




16 de 24 Foundation aspires to be an opinion leader and active agent of change in Asturias, Spain and Europe, respected for its innovation, international collaboration and for facilitating the application of cutting-edge technology and theories in the areas of education and gender balance.




·      Spread culture and knowledge among youth and women, via initiatives related with the promotion of literature, music, art and multimedia

·      Promote information on professional carrier paths and their required education curriculum, technical or university related

·      Encourage the participation of women in society and support gender balance on political, economic, and public life decisions

·      Spread the knowledge about the functioning of the European Union among youth and women and support the compromise of society on the construction of Europe

·      Encourage philanthropy in our society and the educational grounding that is required to sustain the principles and values of our social responsibility. In this area we will collaborate with the British Burkina Health Foundation, an example of international cooperation, whom we will support on their funding and promotional campaigns


A relaxed space to learn by listening, debating and participating. A space without barriers, neither physical nor technological. A meeting space at the disposal of people and companies, to exchange experiences and share opinions, where we can learn. A forum for debate and experience-based learning. A space with a soul to host conferences, interviews and dialogue, a school of life.

This place is Circus by Borja G. Finat and is located in Oviedo, C/ Marqués de Santa Cruz nº 14.


Ana Pardo Ballesteros


Bernardo Gutiérrez de la Roza


Raquel Sánchez González


Pelayo García Bernardo

Secretary non trustee