STEM Talent Girl

“STEM Talent Girl is an educational initiative for the development of talent and vocational careers in technology and science, specifically addressed to women, with the goal of inspiring and empowering girls and young women to follow brilliant STEM careers – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – through mentoring programs that link them to women who already have succeeded in their science and technology careers and can serve as a reference for them.”

“The project in Asturias starts with the «SCIENCE FOR HER” program, developed to identify talent and incentive STEM vocational careers in girls aged……, through masterclasses, shadowing sessions, mentors and technological workshops.

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Last STEM events

Masterclass Elsa Rodríguez Tabal – Co-fundadora de Sharge y de Young IT Girls
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Masterclass Isabel González Mieres – Directora de proyectos en Thyssenkrupp
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Masterclass Ana Fernández – Chairwoman of CSIC
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Masterclass Rosa Menéndez – Presidenta CSIC
Masterclass Ángela Santianes – Presidenta DuPont España y Portugal